Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Contact lenses with invisible ink are very useful for magic and poker cheating. They are able to help you see the luminous markings on the back of marked playing cards very clearly. They are easy to use and don’t hurt the eyes. Contact us if you’re interested in purchasing a pair. We will provide professional instructions on how to use and store them.

During World War II Special Operations Executives (SOEs) were a secret group of agents who worked behind enemy line. They had to be able communicate without being detected. In their training manual, the SOE identified some properties of an ideal invisible ink. The ink should be clear and not muddy, and it must not smudge or fade when exposed to light. It should not also be detectable using iodine and other common developers.

Soft disposable lenses are designed to be worn on the eye. They are safe and comfortable to wear and can be kept in pure water. They should not be cleaned with contact lens care solution and should be stored below 25 degrees Celsius.

When you wear UV contact lenses to see invisible ink, the color of your eyeball will remain the same as the color of the lens. It won’t affect your natural eye color and is hard to detect by others. They are also easy to clean and won’t fog up in cold weather like glasses.