Marked Cards For Sale

Almost everyone who knows anything about cards is familiar with the term marked deck. These are custom decks that have secret marks on their backs to help you read the value and suit of any card. Card sharps cheat at poker or in magic shows using these cards. There are several different types marked cards on the current market, all with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most common is the DMC elites, which is very easy to see even from afar. It comes with a companion guide that includes a variety of routines and tips to help you make the most out of it. Also worth considering are Magic Dream’s Ultimate Marked Deck or Passport to Marked Cards. Both of these decks were released at the same time as DMC Elites.

Since the invention of playing cards, people have been marking cards. The first attempts were to create “blisters,” tiny pinprick bumps that are similar in appearance to Braille. Card sharps then began marking the backs with special inks or pigments, to add or remove patterns and lines from card designs.

We can now process cards with invisible ink markings to show the suits and values of the cards on their backs. These markings are readable by infrared contact lenses and glasses, scanner cameras and reading marking systems. They are also very difficult to detect by people with normal perspective tools like infrared contact lenses and sunglasses.