Marked Cards With Glasses

Cheaters used to mark their cards in different ways. They could either paint the cards or daub them with a substance only reactive to certain wavelengths of light. These marks could be viewed with a pair of special glasses. This technique was similar to an art, and required skill.

Science and technology have greatly improved marked card techniques today. The most advanced technique is shade, which allows the marks to still be read if they’re covered by a set of cards. Luminous marking and juice marking are both variants of this technology. These methods are applied to a credit card, and can be detected using a pair of gimmick lenses or sunglasses.

When deciding which kind of marked cards to buy, you should be sure that the invisible ink markings are good quality. A good quality marked deck will have clear marks that cannot be read by your naked eyes, and it should also have a great color, too. You can find marked cards online, but you should choose a reputable seller that sells high-quality products.

This package includes a pair black Aviator sunglasses professionally made and a deck luminous marked cards. You can choose the brand. The sunglasses have a UV filter built into the lens. The audience won’t be able to tell they are IR glasses, so you can also use them for magic and poker performances.