Poker Cheating Device For Sale

There are a lot of poker cheating devices for sale in the gambling industry. Most of them are designed to read invisible barcode marked cards for blackjack, Rhonda and more. A poker analyzer can forecast the winner even before the deck of cards is dealt and report to players secretly via a mini earpiece. Poker cheating devices such as infrared contact lens and luminous marked card are also used.

This product has a poker scanning camera hidden inside a power bank that looks like a normal one. It looks exactly like a regular mobile phone and is able to scan all barcode marks from the back of the marked playing cards. The camera can either be placed on the table, or held in the hand. It is not noticeable to the dealer. It offers a wide dynamic scanning range and works well with all types of poker markings, such as Modiano, Copag, Bicycle, Fournier, KEM, and more.

The analyzer is an excellent tool for cheating at any card game. This includes Texas Holdem and Omaha. It uses a top-notch camera to scan the barcodes on the cards and can tell you who the winner is in a few seconds. It can be connected to a variety of accessories, such as an earpiece receiver and remote control. You can also select the analysis settings, including how it predicts which seat will win and whether you want to be informed continuously or just once.