We are familiar with intercoms and can see them displayed in public places to send messages. Here we have dealt with a special transceiver to transmit poker results to a poker player or magician.
The biggest advantage of the 968 intercom is that you can insert a SIM mobile card inside. Thanks to the SIM card, poker results can be successfully transferred anywhere without non-transmission distance. You can adjust the sound, but you cannot adjust the channel. The maximum distance between the marked card’s wireless earphone and the signal receiver is 0.8 m. Compared to YT series and other walkie talkies, it is the shortest distance to spy on camera earphones and signal receivers. So your partner needs to be close to you, but they can act naturally and get information about poker results with their wireless earbuds. Don’t worry about both. The last 10 hours are available.
It is safer to separate these poker trick devices and work with other devices to use them in poker games. High-quality marked poker card walkie-talkies will help you win more games or put on an amazing magic show in front of an audience.

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