Our Aviator Infrared Sunglasses have a gold aluminum frame and two dark brown PVC glasses. Same size as regular sunglasses.
Use these cool and stylish Aviator infrared sunglasses for your poker games. Also, you can wear it outdoors for a long time and protect your eyes.
Aviator infrared sunglasses and marked poker cards are the perfect companion. Infrared sunglasses work with marked playing cards printed with invisible ink. Only by wearing the aviator’s infrared sunglasses could the glowing mark be seen.
Aviator Infrared Sunglasses allow you to see exactly the back of the cards and even know the outcome of your poker game. Above all, it is safe and convenient.
Infrared sunglasses can also be used to check whether the card markings are correct. Without infrared sunglasses of this kind it is very difficult to check.

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