Pure Mark Red Mandolin Back Bicycle Mark Playing Cards is a new addition to the poker market. The Pure Mark Red Mandolin Back Bicycle Card is similar to the Rider Back Bicycle. But if you look closely, there are different patterns on the mandolin bicycle, and there are angles that hold the instrument instead of riding it. Like all bicycle cards, the Ace of Spades has the typical bicycle logo on the front.

Pure Mark Red Mandolin Back Bicycle Mark’s poker deck is a magical card. By the time these cards were manufactured, the backs of poker cards were already marked. These marked poker cards have a minimal design, but the markings are perfectly clear to anyone who knows it’s a marked deck. They are visible to our naked eye, so there is no need to purchase additional cheating devices to detect these marks.The marks on Pure Mark Red Mandolin Bicycle marked cards are very hidden. People won’t discover your secrets if they don’t scrutinize your cards inch by inch.

Product Specifications

Brand: Bicycle

Origin: USA


Material: Paper

Size: poker size, regular index

Application: magic show, poker cheating

bicycle pure mark card

bicycle pure mark card deck

Weight 0.1 kg


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