The Class is Copag plastic playing card line, perfect for the most demanding players. Class decks with unique slides are highly durable and resistant to handling and marking. Copag Class Legacy poker is his one in the Class series.
Class Legacy Copag Bridge Size Jumbo Index 100% Imported plastic playing cards from the country of origin. The high quality marked cards are marked with state of the art printers and card marking inks and feature the basics of a regular poker deck in Class Legacy.
There are different types of Copag Class Legacy invisible ink marked cards: luminous marked cards back marked cards for contact lenses, juice marked cards with invisible bar codes for playing card scanners , cards with infrared ink marks for IR poker cameras. From playing cards to Copag class legacy marked cards, there are many different types of invisible ink. All types of contact lenses marked with cards can be found in our company.
In addition, we can customize Copag class invisible ink marked cards.

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