Coapg Class Natural Bridge Size Jumbo Index Poker comes in blue and red colors and is packaged in a rigid transparent box. This set of 2 Class Natural poker cards are made of 100% plastic material with washable and durable features. Cards of this kind can be turned into invisible playing cards and used in poker games and magic shows.
Common Copag class natural decks are specially handled by card marking printers. Copag Class Natural invisible ink marked cards with invisible markings printed on the back are for infrared contact lenses only. Therefore, it is also called Copag Class Natural Infrared Contact Lens Poker.
How to see invisible ink with glasses? If you don’t want to use infrared contact lenses, we offer card luminous ink glasses to help you read the clear markings on the invisible playing cards class natural.
Playing cards marked Copag Neo Nature are different than decks marked Copag Class Natural. These are different series of Copag poker. Both of these two marked card poker can be found at our company.

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