Have you heard of scanning dice cups that help you with dice? Scanning dice cups are one type of fabricated dice device. It differs from other cheat dice products such as remote control dice and gravity dice because it processes dice cups and bowls instead of dice.

Insert the secret monitor lens inside the dice cup or bowl. A processed cup is no different than a regular dice cup, so you don’t need to see your dice cup or dice bowl. Rogue dice are different from cards with glowing marks that have been altered on the face of playing cards. is changed in This camera scans every time you roll the dice and converts the surveillance image into a cell phone or something with a screen that can show the results of cheating.

If you want to operate in a dice game, you need to cooperate with your friends. Your friend can see the results of your cheating in the next room and tell you with a special listening earpiece.

The battery in this dice cup scanner can last for hours, and when the battery gets low, you can charge it with the charging line, just like you charge your mobile phone.

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