In 2008, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this monumental event, Copag released a limited edition commemorative Four Seasons plastic playing cards set: Copag Spring Edition, Copag Summer Edition, Copag Fall Edition and Cop. ag Winter Edition.

The Copag Summer Edition Double Deck comes in a tin box, poker size, and 4 corner jumbo indexes on the 4 corners.

The Copag Summer Edition Set is 100% plastic, which makes it more durable and longer lasting than regular plastic coated playing cards.The COPAG Summer Edition Plastic Playing Cards are made from a specially designed PVC plastic. Cards can withstand tearing.In normal games, they last 500 times longer than paper cards.You don’t have to worry about the cards getting dirty as they are fully washable.Wipe them quickly with a damp washcloth and dry them.Red One deck of cards and one deck of cards Blue Cards Summer Edition playing cards come in a durable metal Copag storage case.

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