Fournier is one of the world’s best poker brands and is also the GS-marked card factory’s best-selling playing card brand. Fournier 2818 is a kind of special wrapper poker card. In fact, only his 2818 of all models of the Fournier brand is packed in a gift box. Each box contains 12 decks, each deck has no individual carton, only adhesive tape is loaded. In addition, the tape is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material.

Fournier 2818 Have you ever played a game of poker with luminous marked cards? Fournier 2818 cards in poker size and jumbo index. If you want to buy it, you can choose from many kinds of colors. The superior quality and appearance of invisible ink on the Fournier 2818 marked cards ensures replacement value. These features make the Fournier 2818 plastic poker more and more popular and quite a few players prefer to play poker games with his 100% plastic cards.

Fournier 2818 playing cards may have been marked with invisible bright ink that UV-marked card contact lenses or his X-ray glasses could see through. It’s also a great and handy poker tool for your poker game.

Fournier 2818 colors: blue, red, grey, green, orange.

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