GS luminous ink marked card suppliers have a full range of contact lens marking card devices for retail or wholesale. Why GS marked card factory sells a lot of marked playing cards?How to mark the playing cards? How can we mass produce infrared glass marked cards marked with invisible ink?

In the card marking procedure, high-tech printers play an important role in marking poker cards. Another important element is the invisible ink for playing cards, also called a card marking kit. We sell high quality advanced card marking ink printers to help you figure out how to mark playing cards at home.

With this magical amazing marking card printer machine, you can make invisible ink marks on the back of cards with UV ink glass or luminous marks for spy invisible playing cards contact lenses, secret edge for playing cards scanner or poker analyzer Whether it’s a side bar code marking card, or an infrared ink card for an IR poker camera, everything could be easier.

High quality invisible ink for playing cards provided by GS company will last for a long time on the back of the marked cards. Are you worried about how to use the mark card printer and phosphorescent ink? After buying a card marking printer, we will teach you all the techniques that can apply invisible ink to playing cards so that they can be seen by a marked card reader. What’s more, this kind of marked card printer can print cards at high speed, it can print 60 pairs of cards in one hour.

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