Science can change our lives, and so can technology. Perspective Green Light Marked cards are advanced technology products that can transform your experience at the poker table. High-tech products help you win games. Using special high-tech products is a good choice to help you.

There are many useful products that can help you win games, and different products are used in different ways. Using different techniques serves the same purpose. Modiano Cristallo’s luminous perspective cards are made by intricately processing ordinary playing cards with specific invisible inks. Modiano Cristallo marked deck cards use a special invisible luminous ink that can be seen with contact lenses or ultra-infrared/ultraviolet glasses on the clairvoyant marked cards after processing.

Modiano Cristallo playing cards or Modiano poker size 4 large index playing cards can be marked as green light perspective marked cards. Cards marked with green light cannot detect marked cards. Can only be identified using a designated green light camera or green light contact lenses and sunglasses. It’s a 1 to 1 marked card, so it’s very secure.

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