Spotting Players With Poker Cheating Glasses

Spotting cheating poker glasses

Poker cheating methods usually involve card marking with invisible ink and a pair of sunglasses. These glasses can help a player read these marks, which are usually composed of numbers and suits, even when the cards are not facing down. These glasses can be difficult to spot by opponents and are often used in combination with cheating methods.

It is best to use different poker cheating techniques alternately. This will confuse your opponents and make it less likely they will notice one method. To avoid suspicion, it’s a good idea also to wear sunglasses. They can help conceal the marks on the backs of the cards.

In the 2015 WSOP controversy it is believed Valeriu Coca was wearing a special pair sunglasses to mark cards. He then made minute cuts and bends on the Kings and Aces so he could keep track. This is similar to the other poker cheating methods that use hand signals to report hole cards. However, it is more subtle and unlikely for the players to notice if done using sunglasses.

Online and offline, you can buy poker cheating glasses at a low price. The glasses are easy to wear, stylish and safe for the eyes. The lens is made of the lightest and softest material to prevent any pain and discomfort when worn for long periods of time. You can also choose from a range of tint sizes to match your eye color.