Copag Marked Cards

Magicians and illusionists love to use marked cards. They allow them focus solely on their performance, allowing them connect with their audience in a powerful and authentic way.

Copag marked cards are stronger than paper cards. They can be washed, waterproofed, crimp-resistant, and can withstand normal games. They are also less expensive than paper decks.

These plastic cards have a 100% pvc material (polyvinylchloride), making them one of the hardest materials you can break. They can withstand the rigors and abuse of regular poker, outlasting paper cards by up to 500 times!

There are many different kinds of Copag marked cards, and they all work with a number of different devices. Some cards can also be used with luminous contact lens or glasses to view the markings on the back, while others require the use of gambling cheating device cameras and a Poker Analyzer to detect and read any invisible barcodes.

They are also available with a variety of colors, including black, white, and red. There are many font sizes and designs that can printed on the backs.

The Copag 310 marked deck is an innovative product that has been developed by collaborating closely with expert players, cardists and magicians. It introduces the exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH, which is the result of intensive R&D and over 300 prototypes tested and tried.

Its unique linen finish, based on the tenor of the cards, gives a soft but springy feel and smooth handling. The 310 is a high-end, exclusive choice for players as well as magicians.

Moreover, the 310 deck features a custom-printed gilded edge to improve their appearance and durability. A special coating has been applied to the gilded edges to prevent it from deteriorating over time. It also helps keep their shape.

These decks come with a poker size and a bridge size. They also have jumbo, regular and regular index options. They come in two decks in a pack and are packaged in a hard, black plastic case.

There are two main types Copag marked cards. One is marked on its back and the other is a barcode deck. The back Copag luminous marked cards for contact lenses can be seen with infrared contact lenses or luminous sunglasses.

Because they are so easy to use, they are very popular with our customers. They can be used in many poker games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, as well as Blackjack. They are also great for increasing your winning chances, and are perfect for beginners.

In addition to their durability, a good quality Copag deck will also show clear marks under light. Copag 310 is a great example of this. It has been marked with a unique TRUE LINEN FIISH to ensure its superior handling and durability.

The Copag 4-corner deck of cards is very popular. It can be found in casinos and poker clubs around the globe. They are as easy to shuffle as paper cards and offer the same quality. They are also extremely affordable and are a great alternative for players of any skill level.