When to Use a Magic Marked Deck

A magic marked card deck is a deck with hidden markings on the card backs. This allows the magician do a variety of tricks. They can be incredibly useful for magic and mentalists, but they should be used with caution and care.

When to use a marked deck

The majority of card magic is performed with an ordinary deck, and the vast majority of that depends on sleight of hand and skill in handling cards. Some magicians might prefer to use a deck marked with special markings. This is only a few times when it is best.

2. The markings should be large enough so that they are easy to read at a glance, without making the deck look too obvious or unreliable.

Some magicians like to use marked decks that have tiny markings, but this can make it much harder for the spectator to read them and is not necessarily the most practical option. This can also create problems when performing card effect, as it can take quite a while to see the markings and then call for a card.

3. The markings should be placed on the long edges of each card and not in the middle. This is a practical consideration as it makes it easier to see the markings when the deck faces up in a spread or fan.

4. The deck should be printed on high-quality stock with a smooth feel.

This deck is perfect for magicians who want a sturdy deck of cards that lasts a long time. These cards are printed using the Elite Stock of the United States Playing Card Company and have a pleasant feel.

5. This deck comes with online instruction from Jon Armstrong or Rick Lax and an instruction booklet explaining how to read the markings. This deck is a great choice if you are a magician looking to learn how to read markings on marked decks quickly and confidently, without letting the spectators know.

6. These cards are made from very thick material so they can withstand a lot of wear. This is a popular choice for magicians looking to work with marked decks. Experts in the field of magic recommend this card as one of their top choices.

7. This is a great deck from big magic brand Ellusionist, with the same marked system as their Red Cohort Deck.

These cards are made out of a very thick, high quality material. They are extremely durable, and can withstand much wear and tear. This is a great product for magicians looking to create specialized marked decks.

8. This deck is marked on the Bicycle Maiden back design and produced by the United States Playing Card Company.