Debuting in September 2021, the AKK iPhone 12 Pro-style Poker Analyzer is almost out of stock. Why has this poker scan system caused such a sensation in the poker cheat industry that all poker fans and magicians are as voracious as the 10 million binge gamblers in the world today? is. I am concerned about its power. Let me show you the latest iPhone 12 Pro poker analyzer system.

*Available on 5G networks
Compared to its predecessor, his iPhone poker analyzer with 5G is another milestone for the rapidly advancing poker cheat industry in recent years. In that regard, anyone already using a similar poker analyzer will know that it is not just a cheat his gadget, but a normal phone for making calls, sending messages, shopping online, surfing online, etc. I know it’s possible. 5G is essential for a fast and good internet environment.

*Equipped with an 8-megapixel high-definition camera
However, there is still a certain gap when compared to the actual camera pixels of his iPhone mobile phone. The camera function is also enhanced. For example, AI Auto Focus automatically on the image. Additionally, the DPI is much better when taking pictures.

These two main features of his are showcased when using the AKK iPhone 12 Pro style poker analyzer as a regular smartphone. The next part revolves around this analyzer poker his cheat abilities.

* Upgraded local poker scanner
Imported infrared light source, large-scale recognition without blind spots, using Japanese nanotechnology lens, deploying local poker scanner, image recognition is more stable and accurate. After upgrading, the marked cards can be read even in relatively dark or backlit environments.

* Match with V1 mini digital mini earphone
Equipped with high-definition upgraded digital headphones, better sound quality, small size, long range, low power consumption and strong anti-interference. Poker result information will not be tapped unless other earphones are matched with the poker analyzer system.

* Choose from more poker games
The AKK iPhone 12 Pro style poker analyzer system has about 2,000 games. Traditional games from Spain, France and other regions can also be made here! Our technicians also specialize in various language versions of poker systems.

Given the growing number of casinos and poker houses cracking down on poker cheating in various cities, choosing the best poker cheating device is very important. It is believed that you can benefit from the AKK iPhone 12 Pro Poker Analyzer if used as directed.

Product details

Price: Contact us for price

Brand: AKK

Original Phone: Iphone 12 Pro

Release year: 2021

Acceptable Cards: Cards with Barcode Marks

* Upgraded local IR camera
* Upgraded HD Earbuds
* Support poker games in more regions



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