Barcode decks exist for a unique reason in the evolution of gambling and the game of poker, poker cards that are always needed regardless of the bar or show. Barcode decks were originally created for magical cheating.

First, you should choose a quality barcoded deck that makes you feel good when using it. For GS barcode marked decks, it is a good choice for aviators to play blue cards with barcodes. Aviator’s deck contains 52 cards and he has 2 jokers. The blue deck of Aviator cards can have a secret barcode on the edge of each card. It is a card of jumbo index and plastic coated paper material. Second, don’t forget to buy a scanning camera as well. Aviator Blue Card barcodes are so complex and secret that they are completely unrecognizable. So if you have a deck of Aviator barcode cards, you’ll also need the help of a scanning camera.

We also sell blue Aviator barcode decks, but remember that cheating in casinos with marked cards is prohibited. Please use your poker device in accordance with local laws.

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