Learning poker tricks and playing tricks at poker places couldn’t be easier. Practice and practice require a lot of time. That’s why we make this black plastic shape blackjack shoe poker winner camera to help people who want to win in the game.

A poker winner’s camera is hidden inside a black plastic blackjack shoe. Black is a good color to cover your card trick camera so no one can spot the difference. The thick plastic is also a great shell to protect your card trick camera from shaking and breaking. A signal transmitter is also hidden behind the camera to transmit surveillance images from the poker camera. Once the receiver accepts the surveillance image, it can be viewed from your monitor and laptop.

If you are the banker in the game, your partner will tell you the trump points on the intercom. Unlike other blackjack shoe poker cameras, this one lets you see the entire deck of playing cards. By the way, you need to remember the length of the hand-made bar code mark to tell the playing card points.

If you want to know more about this black plastic shaped blackjack shoe camera, feel free to contact us. For example, how does it charge and how long does it work at a time?

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