Why do I recommend using it? Because it can turn your fortunes around. And this poker card cheat device has some edges like:

First, the 350 Chip Tray Trump Cheat Device works with all brands of poker analyzers such as AKK, CVK, LD, PK. The combination of a wireless spy playing cards cheat device and a poker analyzer is the perfect winning weapon. As long as your chip tray scanner is of good quality, winning a game of poker is as easy as pie.

In addition, the 350 chip tray scanner for cheats has high security. This is because poker table chip tray card scanner locations are much more secure. It’s common knowledge that there is a specific place on the table for poker chip trays. Therefore, we recommend having a dealer as your partner to utilize this wireless spy playing cards device for poker tricks. Then, throughout the game, you should pay most attention to what your poker analyzer reads. No one will notice that the chip tray card scanner is on the table. All other poker players need is to enjoy the game.

The poker market is flooded with chip tray card scanners of varying quality. And the easiest way to identify the quality of a chip tray poker cheat camera is to see if it can scan the marked barcode quickly and clearly. So, wherever you can buy quality chip tray card scanner, we highly recommend our company, a professional company famous for chip tray card scanner. In addition, we sell our products at a fair price with excellent quality and all our products come with our quality guarantee.

Product details

The 350 Chip Tray Card Scanner is a wireless spying tramp fraud device that scans barcode marked cards.


Camera: 1

Scanning distance: about 20-60cm

Scan width: about 10cm

Battery life: 4 hours


spy poker cheat device chip tray playing card scanner

Weight 0.1 kg


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