Royal playing cards are 100% good quality all plastic playing cards. Royal plastic playing cards are extremely durable, long lasting, washable and waterproof.

A royal mark card by card marking kit or professional marking machine makes a dramatic difference in effect and clarity. For card marking kits, you can see the markings with your own eyes. How bad! Playing with these cards raises a lot of skepticism. You may not play card games carefully.

For professional machines it is much safer. Because our technicians adjust the ink and use professional machines to process the loyal cards. This way you can use it to win poker games more safely and secretly.

For professional-quality royal-marked cards, you can choose between black and red for royal cards. And generally speaking, mark strong large fonts in the center or small fonts in the four corners. You can view his markings in luminous ink on the back of poker cards by wearing infrared contact lenses or invisible ink sunglasses. Other players cannot see the mark. This is his one of the most useful poker tools to cheat on any poker game, whether Texas Hold’em, Omaha or Baccarat.

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