IR lenses, also known as infrared lenses, use special optical glass materials and the latest optical design techniques to eliminate the offset between the focal planes of visible and infrared light, allowing the infrared light spectrum invisible to the human eye to be captured. You can see.

Playing cards with IR secret marks are processed on the principle of the infrared spectrum. This is called infrared ink marked card poker. The markings on the back of the deck of cards are invisible to IR contact lenses, let alone the naked eye. Marking cards with invisible infrared ink only works with IR poker trick cameras.

This fixed daylight lamp infrared camera looks just like a normal daylight lamp. Fixed style refers to the IR camera, not the lamp. But it also rotates the IR camera. The infrared camera is hidden in a daylight LED lamp. Then just find the right position to place the lamp. The scanning distance of this LED daylight lamp stabilized infrared camera is about 5 meters. So we suggest you measure the distance between your poker desk and the LED lamp and hide the IR cheat trump camera before ordering.

If you have any questions about the IR camera, please feel free to contact us. Also welcome to visit our company to see the live demo.

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