People decorate their homes and shops with murals to give people a visual treat, as do many poker clubs and private casinos. And people who want something think of various ways to achieve that goal. That’s why we produce effective invisible mark trump camera mural lamps for casino games.

This wall painting lamp is silver color. You can choose gold color or other color you need if you want. A special material is used in the production of this wall painting lamp to allow the internal infrared camera to see through and read the luminous marks. It looks just like a normal wall lamp. Please use with confidence.

What kind of place is this wall painting lamp juice mark card IR camera suitable for? It is designed for big poker tables in poker clubs and some private casinos. Also, the infrared camera on this mural lamp does not rotate, so it is used for one poker table.

If nothing happens to this mural lamp IR camera, you can use it for years. Just check it regularly. There are two ways to support that behavior. One uses a power source like any other lamp, the other uses a battery.

There is no need to have cheat devices on your poker table. It’s really good. the facts speak. Try it!

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