Most people’s impression is that the invisible ink marks on playing cards are made by a printer. Because in the menu bar you will see card printers marked for sale. But today I want to give you a new impression of invisible ink barcode marked cards. This type of invisible ink bar code mark is created by hand.

This kind of handmade edge code playing cards resembles a bar code card marked on the side. Both use a Texas poker card camera to check code marks and both should be used in the ultimate marked deck winner system.

This daylight lamp IR camera has two unique features. One is that it can rotate 180 and 360 degrees. You can choose according to the size of your poker room, the size and number of desks in your poker club. Another feature is that it has a focus function. This focus function allows you to read the luminous marks more clearly and accurately.

Many poker games, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha games, and Baccarat, can be used with this rotating focus infrared camera. Win the game and get what you want with this IR marked card camera. So don’t hesitate anymore. Give it a try.

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