Copag playing cards is one of the famous brands of poker cards and Neo is one of a series of Copag decks. The Copag Neo Series 100% Plastic Poker includes Copag Neo Wave, Copag Neo Culture, Copag Neo Nature, Copag Neo Pets, and Copag Neo Nonsense.
The Copag Neo Ink Bridge size poker has a great piece of art on the back that makes it more fun to use in a private room card game. Copag Neo Ink Invisible Ink Marking Playing Cards are just like a regular Neo Ink poker deck.
The contact lens marked cards Copag Neo Ink are also suitable for use in private poker room games and casino games. Invisible traces cannot be seen with the naked eye. If you wear invisible ink glasses and luminous contact lenses, you are the only user who can see through the Copag Neo Ink marking playing cards.

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