Alphabet-marked cards are different from other playing cards. Just like the namesake alphabet cards, these decks of playing cards have 26 letters. The 26 uppercase letters are printed in rich black and the lowercase letters are printed in 80% soft tones (gray). These cards cannot be used in regular casino gambling games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Omaha or Texas Holding, but they work well in magic tricks.

The mark will be printed directly on the deck in very small characters. The marks are very small and the back pattern and the marks are connected. If you don’t tell me where the mark is, I won’t notice it. No need to worry about its safety. If you don’t like this marking method, send us your design marks. We will meet all reasonable requirements within our capabilities.

Product Description


Size: Poker size (63 x 88mm)

Material: Paper

Package: Paper Box

Application: Magic Show/Poker Game

Delivery time: 3 working days



Weight 0.1 kg


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