A-plus marked card poker is applicable to most poker gambling at casinos. They are very popular in poker cheats because of their professional casino quality. All our A-plus cards are imported from their country of origin. Handled by our professional and sophisticated technicians, A-plus Marked Card Poker is an effective tool for winning poker games. Mark his A-plus cards for various systems.

A-plus mark card for contact lenses

For this kind of marked cards, there are professional printers who mark the back of playing cards. These cards are so-called contact lens marked cards. This means that if you use the A-plus contact lens marked card, you must wear the marked card contact lenses or special sunglasses. Only in this way can you see through the poker card numbers and suit markings.

There are two formats for creating A-plus marked poker cards. One is to mark the center of the card with a large font. Another is to make small fonts in the four corners. You can also design your own markings. Our technicians will make the best marked playing cards according to your requirements.

His A-plus marked cards for Poker Analyzer

For this kind of marked playing cards, so-called barcode marked cards, invisible ink is used to mark along the edge of the card. A poker analyzer is required to detect markings. The Poker Analyzer retrieves cheat card play information, analyzes the data, and reports the results. So, with the help of barcode cards and poker analyzers, you can gain an absolute advantage in the games you play.

Overall, A plus marked card poker for various systems is a great value. Each mark card has its own advantages. They all depend on what you need. Hurry up and choose the one you like best.

Product details

Playing cards for different systems with the A-plus mark are of great value. Each mark card has its own advantages.

Price: Contact us for price

Original deck: A-plus playing cards

Material: 100% plastic

Card Reader: Poker Analyzer System, Marked Card Contact Lens

Marking: Invisible ink marking on back of card or side of card



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