If you are a casino dealer, you must be familiar with chip boxes and different brands of playing cards. If you want to make money with these familiar things, you can try the Poker Scan HD Camera Chip Tray. And this chip box can hold 350 chips.

ABS plastic is the main material for this plastic chip tray we chose to mount our poker scan camera, so it is very durable. Another reason to choose such a plastic chip tray is that it has a plain appearance. No one will notice or discover that it is a tip box that has been processed with a spy scanning camera to see the side marked bar code playing cards.

When we think of poker scanners, we think of playing cards and poker prediction systems with hidden barcode marks, and we think of eavesdropping earbuds used to receive the final scan results.

This 350 chip box poker scan HD camera has been improved from the original design poker cheat chip box scanner. This 350 chip box poker barcode scanner has two HD cameras. So reading bar code marks on playing cards will be faster. Also, the advantage of using a double scanner is that the scanning distance can be increased. The front/rear, up/down, and left/right distances are all extended.

However, you can customize the scan distance you want. we will do our best to make it.

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