Modern glasses with gold frames and infrared filters are one of the market’s most marked poker card trick devices. Fashionable sunglasses with a function to read secret invisible luminous ink marks hidden on the back. In reality, it’s poker sunglasses that cheat with marked playing cards, glasses for reading invisible ink and glasses that allow you to see through playing cards.

The new look that marked Trump’s glasses has the same look as regular glasses, so there’s no questioning the trick of the sunglasses’ hidden infrared filters. In addition, it can be worn outdoors to prevent harm from the sun. Furthermore, it is undetectable to other poker players. While it’s safe to wear glasses to see the glowing juice marks on poker cards, others can’t see his marks in invisible ink on the back of playing cards. You can also wear luminous ink glasses to detect other poker players using marked cards in poker games.

Playing cards marked with glasses is a type of luminous ink that makes a card reader kit for viewing invisible infrared ink cards. Master the game of poker with glasses that see cards marked with invisible ink.

Why not choose an invisible ink pen with glasses? Invisible Ink Glasses Made with Card Marking Ink or Luminous Ink Kit for Card Marking Regardless of poker, invisible ink and glasses for reading ink are useful.

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