Our plastic infrared sunglasses look like the 3D glasses you often wear to watch movies. Plus, the plastic infrared glasses had a pretty big secret.
Plastic black frames and plastic purple glasses make up the plastic sunglasses. There is no difference between regular sunglasses and plastic infrared sunglasses. Compared to normal sunglasses, the feature of plastic infrared sunglasses is that you can see the marked playing cards. So you can wear this kind of plastic infrared sunglasses in a poker game and no one will think you are special. They are quite useful and useful in poker games.
Suitable for all kinds of light. Especially when wearing plastic phosphorescent sunglasses under energy-saving lights, the phosphorescent marks are more visible.
It also maintains the original function of the sunglasses so that you can wear the plastic infrared sunglasses when you go out. Sunglasses are not only fashionable, they also protect your eyes. More importantly, plastic infrared sunglasses help you know in advance which poker cards have been marked.

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