What is the playing card edge barcode mark? How to make edge side invisible ink barcode playing cards? , repeated here again.

All of our Edge Side Barcode Poker Cards are processed into regular playing cards with invisible ink by a machine. The big difference is that this kind of bar code marked poker can be scanned with a poker scanner. Works with AKK series analyzers, Texas Hold’em and Omaha scan systems.

It can be said that any playing cards on the market can be processed into edge barcode mark cards and perspective back mark cards. What I want to tell you here is that you can’t see the card with the bar code mark directly, but you can use a scanner to scan the bar he code mark and know the suit and number.

Many potential customers ask if there are direct perspective contact lenses for seeing through regular playing cards. In fact, contact lenses of this kind do not exist.

This edge bar code marked deck is very nice and very popular with many players. One important reason is that they are invisible to the naked eye. Scan only with a dedicated scanner.

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