The LD CTK Q5 Poker Analyzer is another version of the LD Series Poker Card Analyzer. The LD Poker Analyzer cheat device he can handle 5 poker games and the CTK Q5 Poker Analyzer is no exception.
Compared to the LD D4 poker analyzer, this his LD CTKQ5 poker analyzer has no replaceable batteries. Therefore, we should pay attention to the reaming ability of the LD Q5 poker analyzer device. Q5 Poker Analyzer built-in playing cards camera with long scanning distance uses invisible ink He can read bar code marked playing cards from a distance. Don’t worry about blind poker scanning areas.
If you don’t want to use your local poker camera, you can use the remote control to switch and then use the additional poker camera. The LD CTK Q5 poker analyzer has different frequencies for different poker cheat cameras, so lighter playing card scanners, power bank mark card lenses or watch poker scanners and other scanning lenses will work with the Q5 poker analyzer.
LD CTK Q5 Poker Analyzer can not only calculate poker odds in card games, but also access her website after connecting to WIFI.

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