LD D6 Poker Analyzer is a kind of wide range scanning poker analyzer device. The scanning distance between the D6 poker analyzer device and the laser marked card is approximately 30 cm, and the scanning width range is approximately 30 cm. The LD Poker Analyzer is the widest scanning camera poker analyzer of any other poker analyzer device. However, he is the only poker camera in the D6 Poker Card Analyzer.
The whole set of LD D6 poker analyzer iphone has one remote controller. You can use this to turn the local trump scanner on or off and change the number of players in your poker game. Additionally, you can use the remote control to adjust the volume and change how poker results are reported for your next game.
Compared to AKK and his CVK poker analyzer, LD D6 poker analyzer allows him to freely set 5 different poker games. And you can bring it to poker room games and casino games and use the LD D6 Poker Card Analyzer with confidence. Because LD D6 poker analyzer iphone is also real his samsung phone he can connect WIF to make calls and surf the internet.

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