Marion Pro Poker Jumbo Plastic Invisible Ink Marked Cards are manufactured by our professional technical team with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Security is very important whether you are playing these cards for the first time or not. Therefore, choosing a reputable supplier of marked cards also plays an important role in fraud. We have launched two different Marion Pro Poker marked decks on the market for different play in the game. Here are some details about them:

Cards with Invisible Ink Marks for Poker Analyzer System

In Texas Hold’em and Omaha games, each player has the opportunity to exercise their own betting options. Then the fold, turn and river cards are dealt simultaneously to the table and shared by all players. Once all bets have been placed there is a showdown and the highest ranked hand in play wins the pot. The easiest way to win a game of Texas Hold’em and Omaha is with the help of Marion Pro Poker Jumbo Plastic Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer System. why? Because he will tell you the best poker hands, second poker hands, and even all second poker hands. Extremely fast and accurate, giving you an absolute advantage in the game you play.Poker Thanks to the barcode marks on his four edges of his cards, the analyzer with the ability to calculate accurately , to decrypt everything after shuffling.

Mark card for contact lenses

Another kind of marked cards is called Marion Pro Poker Jumbo Plastic Contact Lens Marked Cards. Marking locations are located on the back of each poker card. The middle and corners of the spine are ideal positions for making prints. Suits and numbers are set together on the same card. So with infrared contact lenses and poker cheat glasses, you can play blackjack and baccarat like a water duck. Victory is no longer so difficult thanks to the excellent support of the lenses and marked cards used in the game.

Of course, you might say I don’t play Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack or Baccarat. Which type of Marion Pro Poker gambling card is right for you? Choose the one that suits you best, depending on the rules of the game and how you play.

Product details

We launched two types of marked decks on the market for different play in the game.


Original Deck: Marion Pro Poker Jumbo

Material: 100% plastic

Card Readers: Poker Analyzer, Poker Cheat Contact Lenses

Marking: Invisible ink marking

Marion Pro Mark Poker Card Contact Lenses

Marion Pro poker card red and blue color

Weight 0.1 kg


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