It is a real lighter that looks fashionable. It is a lighter that ignites a full-fledged cigarette. Real writer for processing invisible ink barcode secret mark poker card scanner camera.
PK King’s special fashionable Writer Scan Camera is marketed to work with poker odds analyzer devices that can read covert laser marked poker decks and communicate poker results via intercom devices and wireless spy earpieces. I was.
This set of PK King Advanced Writer Poker Camera Lens System includes 1 lighter case with HD lens inside, 1 regular lighter case and 2 batteries. With a high-definition scanning lens, the scanning distance can reach 40-60 cm. If you need other scanning distance, it can be customized.
Compared with other writermark poker card readers, this type of his PK King professional writer poker scanner has a frequency converter inside. Turning the PK King cigarette lighter upside down for 4 seconds will switch the next frequency, plus you can cycle through his three built-in frequencies. For the Gravity Chip Scanning Lens Writer Switch Mode, when the writer is in the positive position the scanning lens source is on, otherwise it is off.

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