Wallets are very useful in casino games as a cover for poker scam spy cameras. We also improved the wallet barcode card reader to make it more flexible and suitable for cheating customer games.

It’s called Improved One Fold Poker Barcode Mark Viewer. The improvement of this poker cheat camera wallet is the increased scanning distance, regardless of its length or width. For example, if the 1st generation wallet poker scanner had a scanning distance of 5 cm to 15 cm, this new he folio poker cheat camera is 15 cm to 25 cm. And the scan distance I said is the movable scan distance.

Another improvement is the size of the side cause. This is just one example. Please let us know your actual scanning distance when ordering this Double Texas Poker Card Scanner.

The marked barcode scanner is smaller than before. This means that these two rogue cameras are completely hidden inside your wallet. And personally, no one will casually open your wallet. Therefore, this double code mark poker scanner wallet has high security. You can use it without any worries.

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