Types of Marked Decks

There are many different types of marked boards, and some work better than others. The best ones are marked decks that are made by professionals, and they have a reader system or coded system that makes them easy to read.

Marked cards can be used for a variety of tricks and card games. They are a great tool for magicians, and they can also be useful for poker players who want to cheat. They are often used by poker clubs to analyze a game or detect collusion.

There are three main types of marked cards: contact lens marked cards, magic trick marked cards and barcode scanner marked cards. Each one requires a different reading device to read the markings.

Magic trick decks with marked back designs hide the markings so they are only seen by those who know how. These cards can be used by magicians and other players to make their magic tricks more effective, but only those who are able to read the markings will be able to spot them.

Contact lens marked cards are not visible to the naked eye, unlike magic trick marked cards. These glasses are more costly than regular ones but are essential for magicians who use these marked decks.

This is one of the most popular types of marked decks on the market. These cards are powerful and can help you win lots of money. These cards are not as durable than other marked decks.

These cards are usually made from plastic and can break easily. However, they can be stored longer than other marked cards. They are also thicker that most other cards, so they won’t bend as easily.

Bicycle Prestige cards are a little bit more upscale than other Bicycle cards, and they are made in Spain by Naipes Heraclio Fournier (“Fournier”), which is part of the USPCC family. The cards are manufactured with the same “true linen” embossing process as most other Cartamundi decks, but the card faces are not reminiscent of Bicycle’s air cushion style.

Another upscale brand of marked decks is Modiano Cristallo, which is trendy in Europe. These cards are made from 100% plastic, which is stronger than other cards. The cards have striped patterns on four sides that can be used to cover the invisible barcode markings.

Although the cards can be read without difficulty, the striped pattern gives them a more elegant look than other barcoded decks. They are available in many colors and are a great option for magicians who prefer a more professional looking deck of cards.

Phoenix cards are also an excellent choice for magicians looking to use a mark deck. They are manufactured by the same company that makes Bicycle cards so they are an excellent choice for magicians who want to have a marked deck.