Winter is here and the Winter Series is here. One of them is the double lens coated button camera.

GS Entertainment Products Co. Ltd. has been manufacturing poker trick devices for his 10 years and has mature technology and ability in inventing poker cheat products.

For example, in side-mark barcode poker processed by our technology, we can guarantee that no one will see the barcode marks on both sides of the deck. This is because the invisible ink we use to process the cards has been specially formulated by our experts. No one can copy the formula.

And also a button camera with a double lens coat. Hidden behind the coat buttons is a dual-lens PokerScan his camera. You don’t have to worry about someone discovering your scanner. If you look at the actual scanner, you can see that the scanner is completely covered with a coat.

To use, simply turn it on and point it at the invisible code mark on the edge of the marked deck. Before you start the game, don’t forget to set the game rules in poker winner prediction. You have to select the game you want to play and set the play number in the game. After finishing these, wait for the scan results.

Enjoy the benefits of this dual lens cheat coat button camera in your poker game.

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