What is a playing card with a bar code on the edge? How to mark laser barcode playing cards with invisible ink?
We usually pay more attention to the cards marked on the back of the juice, but there is a new type of cheat-marked card that is treated with an invisible ink barcode on the side, called barcode-marked cards. We have playing cards. GS marked card luminous invisible ink supplier has wholesale Fournier WSOP barcode marking cards that work with poker card cameras or playing card analyzers.
As you can see, we treated the Fournier WSOP playing cards with high quality invisible inks. Unlike luminous marked cards for invisible ink pen poker contact lenses, luminous numbers and suits appear on the back of playing cards, but barcode marked cards are used in poker scanning systems.
Fournier WSOP edge-side barcode marked invisible ink card is scanned by poker camera, then the data of the poker card markings is sent to poker game winner prediction, and the result is sent from partner using interphone walkie-talkie device. It will be reported and you will receive it in Wireless Poker. spy earphones.

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