The GS Luminous Ink Contact Lens Marked Card Supplier has brought to market the latest and most amazing 3 Trump Scanner in a wallet. This nice and fashionable wallet has 3 scan his cameras with the ability to read invisible ink marked edge side marked poker cards. Also suitable for poker players to use in poker games and work with any type of playing cards his analyzer especially his PK King poker analyzer.
Most importantly, this PK King 3 Poker Camera Leather Wallet is no different from the common ones. Others don’t pay attention to this magic trick wallet barcode camera. The battery in the wallet scan lens lasts approximately 3 hours.
This PK King Wallet 3 Scan Camera features an amazing scanning distance. For example, one scan distance is 5-10 cm and the other scan distance is 10-60 cm. The most special longest scanning distance is 5~60cm. The scanning distance of the 3 wallet playing cards scanner is designed for all-round marked invisible ink cards. No need to worry about no marking card scan limit.

Weight 0.1 kg


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