Modiano poker playing cards are made from the highest quality materials. Almost every poker player in the world has used Modiano playing cards.
The Modiano Poker Index deck is his one of a kind marking card with invisible ink on each edge side of the card that can only be detected by a playing card scanning camera. Unlike other backside invisible ink mark cards, the marks can be seen through with luminous ink contact lenses or UV glasses. This is the biggest difference between laser barcode invisible ink marking cards and backside emitting ink marking cards.
Poker Index Barcode Modiano Invisible Ink Playing Cards can be scanned by a poker analyzer with a built-in reader camera. After scanning, the information is delivered to the poker player via spy wireless earbuds. These Invisible Poker Index Barcode Edge Side Modiano Cards are suitable for poker players and poker bankers to use in private room games and poker club games.
The Modiano Poker Index barcode invisible ink marking cards are a type of marked card treated with a special new technology. If these cards will not be used for a while, they can be stored in a cool, dry place.

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